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venice, italy


This remarkable achievement stems from a collaborative effort involving the School of Architecture at the University of East London, New London Architecture, the Building Centre of London, and Ramboll Engineers.

The 2.5-meter tall geometric structure took centre stage from June 5th to November 23rd, 2014, captivating the attention of millions who graced St. Mark’s Square (Campo San Marco), one of the world’s most renowned plazas. This installation ‘interferes’ harmoniously with the prestigious palace, emphasising the interplay between historical and contemporary architecture—a testament that innovation can gracefully coexist within the most delicate historical realms.

This urban masterpiece in Venice forms a tangible, digital, and symbolic connection with another creation designed, orchestrated, and realised by UEL students—the NLA London Pavilion—a larger counterpart of its Venetian sibling.

Crafted from London-sourced steel framing and adorned with Venetian plaster, the pavilion mesmerises with its manipulation of light, spatial perception, and interactivity. Via film projection, it virtually transports visitors to London, granting a live video glimpse of the UK’s capital. This Venice pavilion stands in unison with the city’s Architecture Biennale, titled ‘Fundamentals,’ which seamlessly intertwines with London’s Architecture Festival, aptly named ‘Capital.’

Elevate your architectural vision and creativity by exploring this synergy of old and new, as exemplified by the harmonic collaboration between Venice and London.