harrow schemes


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multiple sites, harrow borough


Discover our pioneering architectural prowess in the heart of London’s Harrow area, where we are at the forefront of a transformative three-site affordable housing scheme. These strategically located sites are closely connected to major train stations, ensuring unparalleled accessibility for residents. In response to London’s pressing housing demand, our expert London architects are committed to crafting affordable housing solutions that redefine urban living.

Our innovative approach leverages cutting-edge Building Information Modeling (BIM) technology to optimize every facet of the design and construction process. This not only streamlines efficiencies but also allows us to deliver high-quality affordable housing within tight timelines. We understand the urgency of the affordable housing crisis in London, and our mission is to provide a tangible solution that combines affordability, functionality, and modern design.

With each site, our team of London architects meticulously plans and executes housing solutions that are thoughtfully integrated into the local community fabric. We recognize that affordability should not compromise quality, and our commitment to delivering superior design and comfort remains unwavering. Explore our transformative approach to affordable housing, where architecture meets innovation, and discover how we’re shaping the future of urban living in London