somerset house


my runway group


architectural design


london, uk


Cognition was selected by My Runway as the distinguished architectural partner for their captivating residency at the esteemed Somerset House during the summer of 2023. This exclusive collaboration serves as a dynamic fusion of London architecture, immersive art installation and black British entrepreneurship. The interior design embodies a vibrant homage to the rich tapestry of the community and the businesses it represents.

At the heart of this creative partnership lies Cognition’s ingenious utilisation of cutting-edge advanced architectural design tech including BIM. These technological tools have enabled the rapid visualisation of the space with unparalleled efficiency and fostered seamless collaboration among the stakeholders. This synergistic approach has not only streamlined the creative process, but has also paved the way for the realisation of a space that harmoniously marries artistry, innovation, and community celebration.

The result is a residency that transcends traditional boundaries, seamlessly merging the realms of architecture, art and black business. My Runway’s visionary choice to collaborate with Cognition underscores a shared commitment to showcasing and honouring diverse businesses, while also underscoring the potential of technology-driven design to create spaces that resonate with the vibrant spirit of the community. This residency at Somerset House stands as an emblem of the dynamic interplay between London’s architectural ingenuity, artistic expression, and community celebration.