cc – paddington


family office


architectural & technical design, construction, project management


paddington, London, UK

 Cognition, a trusted architectural firm in the central London market, was entrusted with a pivotal mission: to unlock the potential and provide regulatory compliance for a residential block in Paddington with a project value of approximately £15 million

This multifaceted task demanded Cognition’s interdisciplinary expertise, spanning architectural design,  fire safety, project management, and seamless project execution. A standout feature of the endeavour was the rooftop, where 6 exquisite additional flats were meticulously created.

 Cognition’s commitment to excellence shone through as they efficiently harnessed Building Information Modeling (BIM) techniques to expedite project delivery. Notably, the project was successfully executed within the stipulated budget and timeline. A noteworthy accomplishment was the adept provision of fire safety services, ensuring swift alignment with regulations and the stringent standards set by the London Fire Brigade.

The project’s success resonated well with the client, a family office, who lauded Cognition’s efforts in achieving their asset goals. The positive outcome has kindled the client’s enthusiasm for future collaborations with Cognition.