woodberry masterplan


large scale developer


architectural design


london, uk


Cognition, a prominent authority in architectural and design services, was commissioned to for a masterplan optimisation study for the ambitious Woodberry Down regeneration project. Positioned in a prime location with expansive grounds and adjacent to stunning water features, this project was poised for transformation.

Our experts delved deep into the strategic nuances of this project, leveraging the substantial size of the site and its unique waterfront location. This allowed us to explore a myriad of options that promised to redefine the project’s potential. We were committed to infusing innovative design concepts and meticulous planning, ultimately sculpting a masterplan that not only revitalised the area but also seamlessly integrated with its natural surroundings.

We recognised that every project has a canvas of possibility and with Woodberry Down our goal was to unlock the full spectrum of opportunities and deliver a masterplan that harmonised vision and execution.